Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It's GO time!!!

It’s Go Time!

Friends and family, I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am to share that we are going to India… THIS TUESDAY!!!! 

We received word today that the girl’s passports are ready and we have been granted permission to travel immediately.  We are blessed to be working with an organization called Adoption Airfare which has secured us humanitarian rates and are booking are flights right now.  Julie is franticly working on setting up our appointments with the orphanage and the U.S. Embassy. We are so excited, we can barely think straight!

We still need a little help financially.

In all our planning, we never for a moment thought that we would be able to travel to pick up the girls as a family.  But recently, an anonymous donor has contributed specifically to cover the expense of one of our kids.  They were hoping we could get enough to cover the other.  Julie and I have saved and pinched every penny and we are almost there!  All we need to cover is airfare for one kid!  We are about $2,000 short to be able to travel as a family and experience this growth all together.  I can’t imagine how much this will affect Winter and Noah, both in connection with their new siblings, but also as they have a chance to see a much bigger world.

I recognize that we are asking above and beyond for help.  You guys have done so much to support us in this four year quest.  But my heart can’t help but hope that we could reach this last goal.  If you could help in anyway, I would be eternally grateful and I believe it will pay life long dividends as my kids are affected by this life changing opportunity.  If we have offended anyone by our asking, I beg that you would indulge a father who wants the best for his children and forgive me this offense.

Please be praying for us!  We will keep everyone informed as we move forward!  Be prepared to have your Facebook blown up next week with about a million pictures!  Next stop - India!  These two beauties will be in our arms in less than 10 days!!!!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2015



It’s a word I have heard thrown around lately.  There is some public debate as to whom that word may apply to.  My social media has been blown up with memes supporting or descrying individuals who may or may not be worthy of the moniker.  My television argues that courage may have more to do with lifestyle choices than with actions…until I switch the channel and hear the exact opposite.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen word a highjacked by so many to support their political and social positions.  I’m not sure I’m discerning enough to define that term within our culture.  No, I’m not sure what courage means to us.  But I know what it looks like.

For the past four years, I have followed the stories of parents pursuing adoption.  I have seen families start, not in the maternity ward, but in institutional buildings where the kids get to remember the first meeting with mom and dad.  All are inspiration stories and most end in children going from emotional destitution to health and growth in a loving family.  But before that…before the happy every after…comes fear.

I spent some time today thinking about getting my little girls.  We are soooooo close!  I’m hopeful that we will be traveling within the month.  The first time I get to see them face to face, I am going to be overwhelmed with emotions like love and joy.  But what will they feel?  Here are two strangers who have come to take them away from the only life they have known.  Strangers who don’t look the same, who don’t speak the same, who are about to thrust them into a world they can’t even conceive of.  I can’t imagine having an experience like that.  I would be beyond terrified.  I’ve never faced anything like that in my life.  But my girls will.  They will be afraid.  They will face upheaval.  But with a courage I could never muster, they will move beyond fear and into family.  

So thanks, girls, for being a great example amongst so many bad ones.  Thanks for inspiring me before we’ve even met.  As hard as this journey is going to be, I can’t wait to walk it with you.  Because, ultimately, your courage transforms more than just you.  It effects me too. After all, I get to go from being a stranger to being daddy.  And nothing will be better than that.