Thursday, January 2, 2014

Definitely a miracle

I think we have a too rigid definition of the word miracle.  If it’s not water into wine or blind men seeing, then incredible events cannot be labeled miracle.  I would disagree.  I think miracles are super-natural, that is events that go above what we normally experience in the everyday world.  They can be moments where God bends the laws of physics (He invented them.  He can use them anyway He wants to) but they can also be moments where common experience is superseded by something extraordinary.  With that as my definition, I have something amazing to tell you…

We just had a miracle!

Due to some unforeseen circumstances (see previous posts), we found ourselves in a financial nightmare.  We needed to make the final payment to the country of origin for our daughters and we were thousands of dollars short.  We had exhausted our personal resources and yet were so far from what we needed.  Our friends and family were ridiculous in their generosity, yet we still couldn’t met the amount.  The last few weeks have been ones of anxiety and prayer as we waited to see if any more money would come in. 

Here’s the miracle part:  it did!  All of it!  Every penny we needed to send was donated in the last five days!  We officially can make our final payment and move forward with the adoption.  We are wiring the money to our agency today and it will start the court process that will end with two little girls being a part of our family!

And that’s not all…

The rapid giving we received in the last few days has gone above final court costs.  Our next hurdle in the process is traveling expenses and in-country fees.  This is another significant amount of money that we hoped to raise in the next few months as our case passed through the court system.  However, due to the largesse of our friends and family, we are more than halfway funded for that as well!  Wow!  More than enough!  What would you call that?  A miracle,  perhaps?

Julie and I have no words to express our gratitude for all that has been given.  We feel the depths of your generosity in our hearts and will never forget it!  You have helped save two lives and have blessed us by helping to bring our daughters home. 

A final word about miracles.  While our definition about what constitutes a miracle may be too rigid, our understanding of the originator of miracles cannot be.  Only God does miracles.  He often uses people to accomplish them.  Thank you for your willingness and kindness in being a miracle to us. I know God will bless you for this incredible act of love