Weighted blankets for extra special kids

I am so excited to offer custom made weighted blankets for all my friends with extra special kids!

Made from "snuggle flannel" fabric of your choice in any size and/or weight.  You can choose your fabric(s) at Joann Fabric online, go to the store and take some pictures to send me, or just send me some basic info (i.e. - my son likes dogs and his favorite colors are blue and green).  Licensed character fabrics are available, but a little more expensive (they just cost more in the store). 

Pricing has many variables since the blankets are customizable, but here's the basics:

Small (lap pad/infant size up to 2' x 2')
$40 + $10 shipping if not local

Large (blanket size/40" x 48"  up to 48" x 72")$50 + $5.00 per pound of weight (cost of the poly-pellets) + $20 shippingWeight cannot exceed 1 lb. per square foot of blanket. Made with washable poly-pellets. 

I always defer to the parents when it comes to the weight of the blanket.  There are lots of resources out there to help you decide and give you guidelines, but only you know what is best for your child.  

Here is a picture of a small 18" x 24" lap pad weighing about 2 lb.  with two coordinating fabrics:

And here is a picture of a 40" x 48" blanket weighing 8 lb. for an older princess (this one is draped over my chair, but you can still get the basic idea - hot pink and owls!!)

Our blankets are extra special because we pray for each child as we sew.  Your lovie will be covered in blessings, quite literally :)  

If you are interested in ordering a weighted blanket, please email me at juliefraley@gmail.com.  


  1. Hello, I landed on your page through a search on Facebook for "weighted blanket, adoption". I realize that this page is a few years old. I am looking for a weighted blanked to purchase and would prefer that my purchase help to support adoption in some way. Is this still something that you do? Thank you!

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